Alexander Bivort 1855 Pear Calville Rouge D'Automne

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Artist Biography:

Alexandre Bivort [1809-1872] was a Belgian nurseryman and creator of numerous fruits, He was active in various horticultural societies in Belgium and France and published two books: Album de Pomologie (1847-1851) followed by Annales de Pomologie Belge et Etrangere (1853-1860), which reprinted some of the plates from the earlier work yet most of the plates was newly created. They remain the classic reference on Belgian fruit of the era, in keeping with Bivort�s stated intentions to document a neglected area of botany and generate interest in the cultivation of fruit, including new varieties. Most of what he illustrated was fruits of apples and pears, as well as grapes, cherries and berries. Bivort took a particular interest in pears, the fruit tree that are the best adapted to the Belgian climate and he developed his own varieties, some of which he named after family members. Compliant with Bivort�s commitment realism, he took the unusual step of including damaged as well as imperfect specimens instead of the idealized perfection of the more typical collection. There are only three complete set known to exist.




Annales de Pomologie Belge et Etrangere Published in Brussels


4th Year

Plate No.:



Pear - Calville Rouge D'Automne (Autumn Calville; Autumn Bed Calville) � the fruit is large, three inches and a half wide, and three and a quarter high; not so much flattened as the other Calvilles with the skin, pale red, with a trace of yellow on the shaded side, but of a beautiful deep crimson next the sun, and marked with yellowish dots on the shaded side. Eye is half open, set in a rather shallow and ribbed basin, which is lined with fine down with the stalk, rather short, inserted in a wide and deep cavity, which is lined with russet. Flesh, white, tinged with red under the skin, and very much so on the side which is exposed to the sun; it is tender, delicate, and juicy, with a pleasant, vinous, and violet scented flavor. It is in season during October and November.

Print Method:

Lithograph and hand colored on paper


Very good to Excellent some with faint offset

Size of Print:

345 x 260 mm. (Approximately 13 â� x 10 â� inches)

Size of Leaf:

345 x 260 mm. (Approximately 13 â� x 10 â� inches)


The fruit manual; containing the descriptions & synonym�s of the fruits and fruit-trees of Great Britain. 1860. Robert Hogg

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