Alexander Francis Lydon 1884 Blossom Headed Parrakeet

Catalog Number 49627
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Artist Biography:

Alexander Francis Lydon [1836-1917] was an English engraver of natural history. He worked for Benjamin Fawcett the printer, to whom he had been apprenticed from an early age. Lydon engraved the wood blocks for Parrots in captivity. Benjamin Fawcett [1808 -1893] was one of the finest of English nineteenth century woodblock color printers. The son of a ship's master, he was apprenticed at age 14 for seven years to William Forth, a Bridlington bookseller and printer. He is known for his coloring of these plates William Thomas Greene [unknown] acted as editor.




Parrots in Captivity



Plate No.:



Blossom-Headed Parrakeet

Print Method:

Hand colored wood engravings


Ecellent Condition

Size of Print:

17.1 X 24.7 cm. (approximately 6.75 x 9.75 inches)

Size of Leaf:

17.1 X 24.7 cm. (approximately 6.75 x 9.75 inches)


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