Arkansas Frank Arnold Grey 1878

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1878, Philadelphia


Frank Arnold Grey; Ormando Willis Gray

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Arkansas. By Frank A. Gray. Philadelphia: O.W. Gray & Son. Copyright, 1876, by O.W. Gray & Son.


The National Atlas. Containing Elaborate Topographical Maps Of The United States And The Dominion of Canada, With Plans Of Cities And General Maps Of The World. Also, Descriptions and Tables, Historical and Statistical ... Accompanied By Special, Railway, And Scientific Maps And Articles. Philadelphia: O.W. Gray & Son, No. 10 North Fifth Street. 1878. (on verso) Entered ... 1876, by O.W. Gray & Son ... Washington


45 x 80 cm. approximately (17.72 x 31.5 in.)


First edition was 1875. The maps here are identical to our 1878 Gray's Atlas of the United States, except that this copy has 17 large scale maps of Virginia Cities in the rear with a "Professional Directory of Patrons. Virginia." The 1878 U.S. Atlas has a large map of New England in the rear and a directory of patrons for Rhode Island and Massachusetts. It is a mystery why Gray used two different titles for essentially the same atlas. The source of the Virginia city maps is interesting - about half state under the title that they are from "Special Surveys" by Jacob and George Chace, Topographical Engineers. The other half do not list the Chaces. There is no record of these maps in Phillips, either as an atlas or separates. Perhaps they were sold as separates or pocket maps. Several sheets intentionally left missing; not listed in Table of Contents. Maps are in full color typically differentiating counties or states. Prime meridians Washington D.C. and Greenwich. Relief shown by hachures.


David Rumsey Historical Map Collection List Number 3888.032 P6196, 11037; Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers (Revised Edition) Vol. (E - J) pp. 205-206

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