Asia A & C Black 1853

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A. & C. Black

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Full Title:

"Asia. XXXV. Edinburgh, Published by A. & C. Black. Engraved by Sidney Hall."   


"Black’s General Atlas: Comprehending Seventy Maps. Engraved on Steel, In the First Style of Art. By Sidney Hall, William Hughes, F.R.G.S., & c. New Edition. Embracing all...and a Complete Index of 65,000 Names. Edinburgh: Adam and Charles Black, North Bridge. 1853." A & C Black, a leading British publisher of 19th Century atlases and travel books, was established in 1807, purchased "The Encyclopedia Britannica" in 1827, and Sir Walter Scott’s copyrights in 1851; began printing the "Who’s Who" in 1896, P.G. Wodehouse’s first book in 1902, Black’s Medical Dictionary in 1906 and "Whitaker’s Almanac in 2002. Black is now a part of Bloomsbury Publishing. Black’s series of Atlases ran from 1840 until 1900. The Atlas’ cartography was a product of Black’s neighbor in North Bridge, John Bartholomew, Sr. (1805-1861), whose Premier British cartographic firm also did work for Black’s "Encyclopedia Britannica." Black published most of Bartholomew’s atlases until 1860, at which time the firm set up their own presses. Bartholomew’s business remained in the family until 1985, having been sold to Reader’s Digest, then News International

Size of Map:

25 x 35 cm. approximately (10 x 13.75 in.)


Presents Asia, using hand coloring to separate the countries, and include geographic relief along with names of cities, towns, bodies of water featuring The Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean, Chinese Sea, North Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean. The small, simple cartouche in the upper left corner includes the title, "Asia," while the scale in "English Miles" appears below it. "The Bearing (sic) Straight" extend beyond the border. Minor foxing throughout. 


Tooley’s Dictionary of Mapmakers Revised Edition (A - D), p.91-92 and p.142; A & C;; Phillips, Vol. 4, 4332, (35).
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