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Rand McNally & Company

Short Title:

British India

Full Title:

"British India, Rand, McNally & Company's New Indexed Atlas of the World. [British India.].142, 143."


"Rand, McNally & Co.'s New Indexed Atlas of the World Containing Large Scale Maps of Every Country and Civil Divisions Upon the Face of the Globe Together Historical, Statistical and Descriptive Matter Relative to Each. Illustrated by Numerous Colored Diagrams, Accompanied By a New and Original Compilation forming a Ready Reference Index, Which presents as it's Special Feature, the Arrangement in Alphabetical Order of Nearly all Known Geographical Names; Those Pertaining to Each Country and civil Division Being Placed After its Map, With Convenient Reference Thereto. In Connection Herewith is Given, as Accurately as can be Ascertained, the Population of Every City, Town, Village and Hamlet in the Known World. Chicago, Ill., U.S.A. Rand, McNally & Company. 1887. The Continental Publishing Co., No.148 Monroe Street, Chicago, Sole Agents."

Size of Map:

34 x 49.4 cm. approximately (13.375 x 19.5 in.)


This double-page map presents British India with lithographic colour differentiating geographical regions within the country. Bodies of Water featured include "Arabian Sea," "Indian Ocean," "Sea of Bengal" and "Gulf of Bengal." Longitudinal and Latitudinal lines are clearly marked on each map with "Longitude East from Greenwich" at the top and "Longitude East from Washington" at the bottom. Map is in English. No compass rose is provided. Map orientation indicates left border facing North. Inset of "Indo China and Farther India" with scale in Statute Miles is found in lower right corner. Insets of "The Island and Town of Bombay" and "Calcutta" with Legend and Compass Rose found in upper right corner. Distance scales in "Indian Kos," Indian Leagues" and "English Statute Miles" are found in lower left corner below title along with the Legend symbols for: "Railways, Canals, Sites of Battles and Heights in English Feet." Major cities, towns, rivers and geographic terrain are identified. Details of "British India" are found on the verso on pages 141 and 144.  


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