Austria, Turkey in Europe, and Greece.A. J. Johnson 1867

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1867, New York


A. J. Johnson (1827 - 1884)

Short Title

Austria, Turkey in Europe, and Greece.

Full Title

Johnson's Austria, Turkey in Europe, and Greece. Entered ... 1867.


Johnson's New Illustrated Family Atlas Of The World, Was Awarded The First Prize Medal At The Universal Exposition Of 1867, In Paris, With A Treatise On Physical Geography, By A. Guyot, LL.D. ... With Descriptions, Geographical, Statistical, And Historical ... A Dictionary Of Religious Denominations, Sects, Parties, And Associations, Compiled By Professor Roswell D. Hitchcock, D.D. ... New York: A.J. Johnson, Publisher, 276 & 278 Mulberry Street. 1867. Entered ... One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-seven by A.J. Johnson ... New York.


47 x 76 cm. approximately (18.50 x 29.92 in.)


Map of Austria, Turkey in Europe and Greece. Covering from Italy eastward to include all of Austria, Hungary, the Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Rumania, etc.), Greece and parts of Turkey. Color coded by district. The map identifies major roadways, cities, rivers, and various other topographical details with relief shown by hachure.


P858; David Rumsey Historical Map Collection; Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers Revised Edition Vol. (E - J) p. 443

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