Balkins Ancient Germany Hungry Southeastern Europe Russia and Ukraine Pablo Alabern i Moles The Alabern Family 1832

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Pablo Alabern (i Moles) The Alabern Family

Short Title:

Ancient Germany, Hungary, Southeastern Europe, Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Balkans

Full Title:

Germania, Pannonia, Dacia, et Sarmatia. Domingo Estruc le gravo 1832.


Coleccion De Mapas Geograficos, Antiguos Y Modernos Del Acreditado Tardieu Y Otros Autores Clasicos, Publicada Por Los Redactores Del Diccionario Geografico Universal En El Ano 1835. Barcelona, En La Libreria de Jose Torner, calle del Pegomi num. 4, Donde tambien se hassa el Diccionario. This collection of maps published in 1835 was created by Domingo Estruc, Pablo Alabern and Ramon Alabern (son of Pablo) for Barcelona Publisher, Jose Torner's, Diccionario Geografico Universal (1830–1834). Ramon Alabern is often credited with creating the first Spanish Daguerreotype on 10 November, 1839. Estruc is famous for his very rare and highly detailed 1835 map of Cuba requiring 18 separate steel plates with an overall measurement of 12ft. by 5ft.

Size of Map:

31.5 x 43 cm. approximately (12.5 x 17 in.)


Hand colored country and regional borders. Presents Roman Empire period "Germania"- modern Germany, "Pannonia"- modern Hungary, "Dacia" " modern southeastern Europe, "Sarmatia" " modern southern Russia, Ukraine and Balkins, with Latin names of cities, mountain ranges, bodies of water (including the "Hadriaticum Mare" " modern Adriatic Sea and "Mare Suevicum" " modern Baltic Sea ) and geographic relief. Spanish, Greek, Roman and Maritime distance scales at bottom outside of border. Fine condition with some stains within lower Fine plate marks. 


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