Book of Hours Dutch c 1450 (8)

Catalog Number 21677
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Country of Origin:

Dutch - Southern Netherlands

City of Origin:

Bruges (Most likely)


Circa 1450







Use Of:


Size of Written Space:

97 x 66 mm. approximately (3.82 x 2.6 in.)

Size of Leaf:

174 x 112 mm. approximately (6.85 x 4.41)


Overall Excellent


A leaf from Book of Hours, Southern Netherlands, most likely Bruges, Use of Rome, circa 1460, in Latin, on vellum (174 x 112 mm.). This particular leaf is from the Office for the Dead, Matins, Third Nocturne, the Eighth Lesson (Job 19): "Pelli meae, consumptis carnibus, adhaesit os meum: et derelicta sunt tantummodo labia circa dentes meos. Miseremini mei, miseremini mei, saltem vos amici mei, quia manus Domini tetigit me." "The flesh being consumed, my bone hath cleaved to my skin: and there are left only lips about my teeth. Have mercy upon me, have mercy upon me, at the least you my friends, because the hand of our Lord hath touched me." (Doway-Rheims Version) There are sixteen lines ruled in red ink with a written space of 97 x 66 mm.., written in dark brown ink in a small and well-formed gothic liturgical script, one very nice illuminated initial "P" in embossed gold on a ground of red and blue with white tendrils, rubrics are in red, capitals touched in red, versal initials alternately blue and burnished gold with pen work in red and black. There are three beautiful polychrome borders with floral and acorn leaves in embossed gold. Verso: sixteen lines ruled in red ink, written in dark brown ink in a small and well-formed gothic liturgical script. A two line initial "Q" begins the Ninth Lesson (Job 10): "Quare de vulva eduxisti me?" "Why didst thou bring me forth out of the matrix?" Condition of this leaf is fine [F].


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