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Isaak Tirion

Short Title:

Mexico, New Granada and Spanish West Indies

Full Title:

"Kaart Van De Onderkonigschappen van Mexico en Nieuw Granada in de Spaansche West-Indien, te Amsterdam by Isaak Tirion MDCCLXV, Lengte beoosten den eersten Meridiaan."


"Nieuwe en Beknopte Hand Atlas. Bestaande in eene verzameling van eenige der algemeenste en nodigste handkaarten; aale in der Nederduitsche taal en na de alderlaatste ontekkingen van de L’Isle en anderen opgesteld, en in een voegzaame grootte uitgegeven; om op eene gemaklyke wyze by het leezen der nieuws-tydingen en historien te konnen worden gebruikt." This map is numbered 101. Six editions were published between c.1740 and 1784 with the number of maps varying from 34 to over a 100. The publisher of this Atlas, Isaac Tirion (c.1705-c.1769), was also a bookseller located on Kalverstraat in Amsterdam, Holland, and a member of the board of the bookseller’s guild. He was born in Utrecht and moved to Amsterdam in 1725. Tirion’s second wife, Johanna, maintained the business for ten years after his death.

Size of Map:

29.5 x 47.5 cm. approximately (11.625 x 18.75 in.)


This hand-coloured map presents the region surrounding the Gulf of Mexico including Mexico and the American colonies, Caribbean Islands, Central America, the northern portion of South America including New Granada and Guayana. Major bodies of water identified include the "De Noord Zee" (Atlantic Ocean), "De Zuid Zee" (Pacific Ocean), "Golf van Mexico" and "Golf van Honduras." Major cities, rivers and waterways are presented throughout in Dutch, English, Spanish and indigenous languages, as well as navigation routes, shoals, channels, the Gulf Stream and relief. Map orientation finds the top border facing North. Simple hand-coloured cartouche at bottom left corner, presents the title with the publisher’s name, city and date. Two scales are found in the upper right corner; "Zeemylen" (Nautical Miles) and "Duitsche Mylen" (Dutch Miles). Latitudinal and longitudinal lines are clearly provided along the borders. Map extends beyond border in four places. Fine textured cotton paper. Fold in centre. Neat line clearly visible. Provenance: brief description and old numbering system in pencil found on verso in lower right corner.


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