Caribbean & West Indies United States & Mexico Joseph Meyer 1850

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1850, Hildburghausen


Joseph Meyer [1796 -1856] and (family and Company)

Short Title:

Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-America und Mexico

Full Title:

Vereinigte Staaten von Nord-America und Mexico entw. u. gez v Major Radefeld


Meyer's Zeitungs Atlas

Size of Map:

21.5 x 26 cm. approximately [8.5 x 10 in]


An engraved, outline color map of the United States & Mexico with a key to the 32 U.S. states and the 19 Mexican states. Mexico extends into the present United States as this map was done prior to the Gadsden Purchase. There are two listed Territories (Indian & Missouri) and many indian tribes are located along with forts & geographical features. There is an oddly shaped New Mexico, the north Texas boundary only suggested. German Colony in Texas, here marked 'Deutsche Colonie d. Mainzer Verein', located west of Austin and north of San Antonio. French Colony in Texas, here named 'Franz Col.', just west of San Antonio.


Tooley’s Dictionary of Mapmakers Revised Edition Vol. (K - P) pp. 245-246.; Wheat 217.

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