Charles R Bree 1875 - Eggs of Polyglot, Bonelli's and Black Throated Green Warbler

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Artist Biography:

Charles Robert Bree [1811 - 1886] received his medical degree at York and proceed to study at the University College. At the end of his second year he joined the Polish Army and remained in Warsaw until it was taken over by Russians. After spending a short time in Berlin he returned to his native Country and began to practice medicine in Bildeston in Suffolk. He was also a well known naturalist and produced "The History of the Birds of Europe, Not Observed in the British Isles" and "Popular Illustrations of the Lower Forms of Life" and his famous "An Exposition of Fallacies of in the Hypotheses of Charles Darwin" which was an attack on Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Doctor Bree was also the joint editor with the Reverend F.O. Morris of the Naturalist.




A History of the Birds of Europe Not Observed in the British Isles, Second Edition enlarged. Printed in London by George Bell and Sons



Plate No.:



Polyglot warbler - egg, Bonelli's Warbler - egg, Black-Throated Green Warbler - egg

Print Method:

Chromolithograph - color printed wood-engraving finished by hand coloring/p>


Overall Excellent

Size of Print:

22.5 x 16.0 cm. approximately [9.125 x 6.25 in.]

Size of Leaf:

25.2 x 17.0 cm. approximately [9.875 x 6.625 in.]


Zimmer Catalogue of the Edward E. Ayer Orithological Library pp.87-88; Nissen Die Illustrierten Vogelbucher p 136; Sitwell Fine Bird Books p 81; Anker p 59 Bird Books and Bird Art

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