Defenses of Nashville, Tenn. etc - Civil War Redfield Proctor 1891

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George B. Davis, Major and J. A. U.S.A.; Leslie J Perry, Civilian Expert; Joseph W. Kirkley, Civilian Expert and Board of Publications; Compiler: Calvin D, Cowles (See Attached)


Date of Publication August 1, 1891


Atlas to Accompany the Official Records of the Union and the Confederate Armies 1861 - 1866


House miscellaneous documents. Vol. 40, pt. 2

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A two page, series of six plates consisting of: (1) Defenses of Nashville, Tenn. Fort at Hyde's Ferry. Built by the 182d. Reg. Ohio Vols. Col. L. Butler, Comdg. Planned by Brig. Gen. Z.B. Tower, U.S. Eng'rs., Insp. Gen. Fortifications Mil. Div. Miss. 1865 (2) Defenses of Nashville, Tenn. Plan and Section of Redoubt on North Side of Cumberland River, 3/4 Mile from the Railroad Bridge. Designed and partly built under the direction of Brig. Gen. Z.B. Tower, Insp. Gen. Fortifications, Mil. Div. Miss. (3) Defenses of Nashville, Tenn. Fort Harker. Planned and built by Brig. Gen. St. Clair Morton. Brig. Gen. Z.B. Tower, U.S. Eng'rs., Insp. Gen. Fortifications. Mil. Div. Miss. 1865 (4) Trace of Interior Crest Fort Pickering, Memphis, Tenn., showing the Interior Works also Position and Caliber of Guns. Copied from a tracing sent to the Chief Eng'r. at Washington, D.C., by Maj. Gen. Gillmore. (5) Fort Donelson, Tenn. Copied from the Original Plan prepared under the direction of Col. Wm. E. Merrill by Maj. James R. Willett, 1st Vet. Vol. Engrs. Dept. Cumbd. From a Survey by John H. Willett, Jan. 1865 (6) Memphis and its Environs. Traced from a Plan furnished by the Engr. Dept. Mil. Div. West Miss.

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47 x 75 cm. approximately (18.5 x 29.5 in.)


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