France The Department Loire Inferieure Alexandre Vuillemin 1879

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1879, Paris


Alexandre Vuillemin [1812-1880?] was a French cartographer and a book editor living in Paris, France. He had a very productive cartographic career; however, there is not much of Vuillemin's life that is known. Vuillemin studied under the prominent French Auguste Henri Dufour [1798-1865].

Short Title:

La France – Loire Inferieure

Full Title:

La France – Loire Inferieure


La France Nouvel Atlas Illustré Des Départments & Des Colonies. Edited by J. Migeon [Title Page]

Size of Map:

26.5 x 34.5 Approximately (10.125 x 13.625 in.)


Original color lithographed map with heavy engraving. Loire-Atlantique formerly Loire-Inférieure) is a department on the west coast of France named after the Loire River and the Atlantic Ocean. Loire-Atlantique is one of the original 83 departments created during the French Revolution on March 4, 1790. Originally, it was named Loire-Inférieure, but its name was changed in 1957 to Loire-Atlantique. The area is part of Brittany, and contains what many people still consider to be Brittany's capital, Nantes


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