Grosvor Square John Stow 1754)

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Artist Biography

John Stow (ca. 1525 - 1605) The work for which Stow is best known is his Survey of London published in 1598, not only interesting for the quaint simplicity of its style and its amusing descriptions and anecdotes, but of unique value for its detailed account of the buildings, social condition and customs of London in the time of Queen Elizabeth I. A second edition appeared in his lifetime in 1603, a third with additions by Anthony Munday in 1618, a fourth by Munday and Dyson in 1633, a fifth with interpolated amendments by John Strype in 1720, and a sixth by the same editor in 1754. The edition of 1798 was reprinted, edited by W. J. Thorns, in 1842, in 1846, and with illustrations in 1876. Through the patronage of archbishop Matthew Parker, Stow was able to print the Flores historiarum of Matthew of Westminster in 1567, the Chronicle of Matthew Paris in 1571, and the Historia brevis of Thomas Walsingham in 1574.


1754, Sixth Edition


A Survey of London



Plate Number



A birds eye view of Grosvor Square looking from the North

Print Method

Copper Engraving

Size of Print

33.5 x 46 cm. approximately (13.19 x 18.11 in.)

Size of Leaf

38.7 x 49 cm. approximately ( 15.24 x 19.29in.)


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