History Shahnameh Indian 1852

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The manuscript of this book of the Shahnameh was scribed by Baba Khalil Allah in Kashmir and is dated 1852/3 it is on fine paper, extremely large leaf (365x210 mm.). It is written in Persian in a very fine hand in the nasta'liq script. This book was in poor condition but many of the pages could be rescued. The Shadnameh is the Persian 'Book of Kings' and was written in verse form (60,000 verses) by Ferdowski for the Sultan Mahumud of Ghazna in the 9th century. It covers the history of the Persian Kings from mythical times to the fall of the Sasanid empire in the mid 7th century. It is one of the most popular works in the Persian world, perhaps as popular as the Indian epic equivalent The Ramayana. The stories mostly depict tales of conquest. There are twenty-three lines of four column nastliq script in black ink with chapter heading in red on a liquid gold ground. Verso: Condition of this leaf is fine [F].

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