Indenture Cheshire County, England 1798

Catalog Number 46155
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Land Lease


March 26, 1798

Country/City of Origin

Chester, England



Size of Document

733 x 880 mm.


Cheshire County- Reign of George III - This indenture dated March 26, 1798 is between Thomas Chantler and Peter Eaton the younger, a timber merchant. This lease of land in Chester for 99 years was for the sum of five pounds per year divided into two equal payments. The large velum document measures 733 x 880 mm. and contains 70-lines of English script neatly penned. There is a large vignette at the top of the page as well as both parties signatures and seals at the bottom. On the left are three blue revenue stamps. However the most discernable attribute of this document is the 210 x 130 mm. map which rest in the middle left of the document below the revenue stamps. It shows the parcel of land in question outlined in red. The verso contains dated document filing summery and tax stamps. This document contains some staining and original folds.

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