Ireland Denbigh and Flint Peter Van Der Kerre 1627

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1627, Amsterdam


Peter Van Den Kerre (1570 - c. 1646)

Short Title

Denbigh and Flint

Full Title

Denbigh and Flint


The Theatre of the Europe of Great Britaine, Published by George Humble. 1st Edition.


12.0 x 8.4 cm. approximately (4.72 x 3.31 in.)


A small copper engraved, hand colored, scarce map of Denbigh and Flint, (Province of Debigh-shiret) Ireland. A series of 44 plates for the British Isles, from about 1599, took a long time to publish. They were based on Christopher Saxton, Ortelius, and Giovanni Battista Boazio, respectively for England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland. They appeared in 1617 in a Latin edition of the Britannia of William Camden, by Willem Blaeu. Later these plates came to William Humble, who issued them (with some modification and expansion) in 1627 as a miniature version of the atlas of John Speed (Pocket Edition). Thereby van den Keere's works came by the name "Miniature Speeds". Chapter XI, Page 40.


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