Koran Indian Kashmir c 1825 (4)

Catalog Number 4385
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This brilliantly illustrated leaf is from one of the highest quality medium sized Indian Koran manuscripts, on paper (192x133 mm.) circa 1825, which has been our privilege to purchase. Although the Safavid dynasty (1504 - 1726) is usually considered to have produced the finest Arabic scribes, 19th century works in India, mainly in Moslem Kashmir, runs a close second. This page consists of twelve lines and is a good example, especially because it has a floral margin, which is reserved for only the finest manuscripts produced for important personages. The script is naskh, with thuluth in the Sura headings, and is of a fine elegant hand. A Persian interlinear translation in red has been added. All lines are in gold, as too is the floral border and the Chapter Heading cartouches that are further embellished with blue floral end pieces and white titles. Verso: twelve lines of naskh script. The condition of this leaf is above average with only slight signs of devotional wear [F-].

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