Map of Oceanica S. A. Mitchell 1870

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1870, Philadelphia


Samuel Augustus Mitchell (1792 - 1868)

Short Title

Map of Oceanica, exhibiting its Various Divisions, Island Groups &c.

Full Title

Map of Oceanica, exhibiting its various divisions, island groups &c. (with) Map of the Sandwich Islands. Entered ... 1867 by S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. ... Pennsylvania. (1870)


Mitchell's new general atlas, containing maps of the various countries of the World, plans of cities, etc., embraced in sixty-three quarto maps, forming a series of one hundred maps and plans, together with valuable statistical tables. Philadelphia: published by S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., No. 31 South Sixth Street. 1870. Entered ... 1870, by S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. ... Pennsylvania. (with) Campbell's new atlas of the state of Illinois ... Maps drawn by R.A. Campbell, C.E., and Prof. H.F. Walling ... Chicago: R.A. Campbell, 131 South Clark Street. Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr. 1870. Entered ... 1870 by R.A. Campbell ... Illinois. Page Number 93


40 x 33 cm approximately (15.75 x 12.99 in.)


Hand colored map with inset. Relief shown by hachures. Shows settlements, rivers, etc. Prime meridians: Greenwich and Washington.


David Rumsey Historical Map Collection List Number 2483.057; Tooley's Dictionary of Mapmakers, Revised Edition Vol. (K - P) pp 260 - 261.

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