Mouth of Connecticut River U.S. Coast Survey Office 1853

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U.S. Coast Survey Office

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Mouth of Connecticut River

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"Mouth of Connecticut River/ From a Trigonometrical Survey/ under the direction of F.R. Hassler and A.D. Bache Superintendents of the/ Survey of the Coast of the United States/ Triangulation by Capt. W. H. Swift U.S.A. and E. Blunt Assistants/ Topography by H. L. Whiting Assistant/ Hydrography by the parties under the command of/ Lieuts. J. R. Goldsborough and M. Woodhull U.S.N. Assts. / Published in 1853/ A.D. Bache Superintendent/ Scale 1/20000 / Electrotype Copy No. 1 by G. Mathiot U.S.C.S. / Redd. Drng. by A. Boschke/ Engg. by S. Siebert, O.A. Lawson & W. Smith"


U.S. Coast Survey Office


. 45.5 x 35.5 cm. approximately(18.0 x 14 in.)


Presents portions of Connecticut including Saybrook Point, Blackhall Point and Lynde's Neck. Bodies of water featured include the Connecticut River, North and South Cove, Blackhall River and channel approaches with markings and depth soundings. Compass rose is provided. Map orientation presents North to the top of the map. Minimal topographic, road and building information are provided. Scales include Statute and Nautical Miles found at bottom centre. Additional orientation information is found in the top left corner. "Sailing Directions" and "Tides" are found in top right corner. Title found in lower left corner. Map folded into four portions. No provenance information found on verso.


Tooley's Revised Edition A-D, pp 64; Rumsey, 2470.012;, 36747641.

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