North America and Canada J B Homann 1720

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1720 (Second State)


J. B. Homann

Short Title:

Totius Americae Septentrionalis etMeridionalis..

Full Title:

Totius Americae Septentrionalis et Meridionalis Novissima Representatio quam ex fingulis Geographorum Tabulis collecta luci publicae accommodavit


J. B. Homann – Atlas, Nuremberg, 1720

Size of Map:

48.26 x 57.15 cm. approximately (19 X 22.5 in.)


Title cartouche bottom left is copied from De Fer’s map of 1699 and cartouche containing text (top left) is based on De Lisle’s map of Canada of 1703. This edition shows a corrected Western Coastline, with California no longer shown as an island, although the remnants of the interior sea can be seen near the pais de Moozemlek. Good detail throughout the map, especially in the southwest and near the Great Lakes, which were then actively being explored by the French fur traders and Hudson’s Bay Company. The Mississippi River shows the results of the early French Jesuit explorations, with its sources extending far North of the limits of the maps produced 20 and 30 years earlier, although Le Moyne’s mythical lake in the Southeastern US remains.


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