North America and Mexico G DeL'Isle 1708

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G. DeL’Isle

Short Title:

Carte du Mexique et de La Floride

Full Title:

Carte du Mexique et de la Floride des Terres Angloises et des Isles Antilles du Cours et des Environs de la Riviere de Mississipi


G. DeL’Isle – Atlas de Geographie

Size of Map:

18.26 x 58.42 cm. approximately (19 x 23 in.)


One of the three great maps of regional North America conceived by DeL’isle during the first quarter of the eighteenth century, the present map identifies the colonial affiliations that defined the destiny of North America by the end of the century. The map covers the area from the Great Lakes to New Mexico, extends southward as far as Panama and Venezuela, and includes the West Indies. As much detail as was available appears, including locations of Indian tribes and villages and French and English forts. The map correctly shows the Great Lakes region, the English settlements along the East Coast, and perhaps most importantly, the early Spanish and Indian settlements in what are now Texas and New Mexico. DeL’isle was dependent on Spanish sources for his information about the region, and the map reflects the scarcity of reliable information available at the time. The map also influenced mapmakers in their delineation of the Mississippi Valley and of the course of the great river itself. Though dated 1703 in the cartouche, this 1708 edition, the second, was issued by DeL’isle himself with only very slight changes to the map and a change of address to Quai de Horloge in the cartouche. After 1708, DeL’isle probably sold the rights for a new engraving, and the map was reissued from a new plate in 1722.


Cumming # 137; Wheat # 84

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