North polar projection Heinrich Scherer c. 1703

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c 1703, Munich


Heinrich Scherer [1628 - 1704]

Short Title

Repraesentatio Geographica Itineris Maritimi Navis Victoriae ...

Full Title

Repraesentatio geographica itineris maritimi navis victoriae in qua ex personis CCXXVII finita navagatione rediere tantum XVII quae solo indusio tectae et faces accensas manibus praeferentes in basilica ispalensi se voto exsolvernt VII Sept. ann. MDXXII


From Atlas Novus ... Part I ... Geographica Naturalis .....


23 x 35 cm. approximately (9 x 14 in.)


Engraved colored Map of the world, shown on a north polar projection and showing the entire world except the South Pole, California is shown as an island and the track of Magellan's voyage around the world is noted. There is a distorted portion of Australia noted as Nova Hollandia. On the left is an illustration of Victoria, the only remaining ship from Magellan's Armada de Molucca that sailed from Seville in 1519 in search of a westward route to the Spice Islands. On the right, the few expedition survivors (18 out of the original 237) are shown making their way to the Santa Marea de la Victoria church in Seville, where they went to give thanks for their safe return. The title cartouche includes the date of their return, September 7, 1522. Fol. A


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