Pierre-Joseph Buchoz Butterfly 1776 (2)

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Artist Biography

Pierre-Joseph Buchoz [1731-1807] was a French lawyer, physician, botanist and naturalist who was very interested in the medicinal virtues of various plants. His most famous and highly celebrated work was "Histoire universelle du regne vegetal ou nouveau dictionnaire physique et economique", published between the years 1773-1778. This work was a huge undertaking, comprising of some 1,200 engravings of plants, many of which were engraved from the original drawings in the "Collection des velins" in the Museum d' Histoire Naturelle in Paris.

In some of these works, considerable use is made for the first time of drawings of Chinese plants executed by native artists. Much of Buchoz's other works also has a distinctly oriental flavor. Buchoz is notorious for his method of reusing plates, making only subtle differences, in many books. He never gained the recognition he sought for his scientific work; the composition and quality of these prints are comparable to the best natural history works of the period.




Collection precieuse et enluminee des fleurs les plus belles et les plus curieuses, qui se cultivent tant dans les jardins de la Chine, que dans ceux de l'Europe (First Edition)



Plate Number



Butterfly with floral

Print Method

Hand-colored etched plates within yellow wash borders

Size of Print

46.2 x 27.5 cm. approximately (18.19 x 10.83 in.)

Size of Leaf

46.2 x 27.5 cm. approximately (18.19 x 10.83 in.)


Nissen BB1 282; Dunthorne 60; Pritzel 1326], folio (462 x 275mm.), Paris, Lacombe and Debure l'aine, [1776]; described in Hunt, Stafleu or Great Flower Books, and with no copy in either the Plesch or de Belder collections.


Overall Excellent within print; some blemishes and old mounting tape in margins

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