Poetry Farsi Persian c 1725 (9)

Catalog Number 22113
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This is a leaf from a lovely gold illuminated Safavid period, circa early 18th century, manuscript. The fragment is a collection of Farsi poetry and was written in seventeen lines of double column Nasta'aliq script on a flat paper (180 x 110 mm.). There is a round seal belonging to Hussain bin Qasim Al Hussaini Safavid on the last page of this manuscript, which confirms that this manuscript belongs to the Safavid era. Each page has an outer broad margin, which is scribed with diagonal verses and decorated with one large and two small floral patterns in the form of triangles. All the headings are in gold calligraphy on a delicate pink ground when visible. Verso: seventeen lines of double column Nasta'aliq script. Condition of this leaf is under fine [F-] due heavy secular use.


The manuscript includes a few pages containing some important notes by various previous owners. One of these notes has cataloged this manuscript to contain: 400 Ghazaliyat, 118 Modern Ghazaliyat, 10 Muqta'at and 25 Rubaiyats.

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