Poetry Gulistan Sa'di Indian 1785 (3)

Catalog Number 28116
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A leaf from the highly esteemed Persian poet, Sheikh Muslih-uddin Sa'di Shirazi, more commonly known as Sa'di, who was born in Shiraz Iran in 1193 AD, This leaf is from The Gulistan, late eighteenth century, North India, and is written in Persian, on highly polished white paper (230 x 150 mm.). This renowned Persian poet produced The Gulistan or Rose Garden in 1258 A.D. whose leaves as he says, "cannot be touched by the tyranny or autumnal blasts, and the delights of whose spring the vicissitudes of time will be unable to change into the inconsistency of autumn." There are eleven lines of nasta'liq script in black with red punctuation and headings; on each page there is a ruled border c.5 mm from the outer edge and a panel ruled in red and black with a gold border (170 x 100 mm.). Verso: eleven lines of nasta'liq script in black ink. Condition of this leaf is less than fine [F-] due to some worming to outer margins and" fraying with text in good condition.

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