Prayers Indian 1778 (2)

Catalog Number 17662
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This is a leaf from a remaindered (Dala'il al-Khayrat) payer book, scripted in India, in 1878, thirteen lines scribed in a strong Naskhi script on a fine linen paper (204 x 130 mm.). It was written in Arabic with Persian translation in red ink between the lines. The holy name of Allah is in red ink. The headings are in gold as well as the borders. Gold rosettes end the verses. The original text was composed by Muhammed ibn Sulayman al-Jazuli. This is one of the most popular devotional prayer books of Islam. Most of these books are greatly used by the faithful and show signs of devotional use. This copy was of no exception and many parts were damaged beyond repair. Nevertheless, it was of originally of very fine quality and may have belonged to nobility. Verso: thirteen lines scribed in the Naskhi script. The condition of this leaf is fine [F].

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