Rev Francis Orpen Morris 1868 Sedge Wrabler

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Artist Biography:

Rev. Francis Orpen Morris was born in 1810 near Cork, Ireland and grew up on the shores of Ireland. In 1833 he enrolled in Worcester College Oxford where he received a BA degree and became interested in natural history especially birds. Morris joined the Church in 1834 and was ordained a Vicar in 1844. He was prolific in his authorship of Natural History books and articles. This print comes from a six-volume set comprised of some of the most accurate drawings and information about the British Birds and their habitat ever written. Alexander Francis Lydon was one of Morris’s principal engravers, contributing much in technique and design. A team of women colorists under very strict scrutiny first from Morris and then his wife (a former colorist herself) hand colored each plate. The prints are presented on a greenish tan or biscuit color background, which is associated with the earliest printings of these books. Rev. Morris passed away in 1893 at the age of 82.


1868 First Edition


A History of British Birds



Plate No.:



Sedge Warbler

Print Method:

Woodcut (Xylographic} engraving with superb original hand color Plate printed on one side, blank on reverse.


Overall Excellent

Size of Print:

22.0 x 12.5 cm. [approximately 8.75 x 4.875 in.]

Size of Leaf:

24.3 x 14.4 cm. [approximately 9.625 x 5.625 in.]


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