Richard Bowdler Sharpe 1896 Forked Tailed Petrel

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Artist Biography:

Richard Bowdler Sharpe (22 November 1847 - 25 December 1909) was an English zoologist. Sharpe was born in London and studied at Brighton, Peterborough and Loughborough. At the age of sixteen he went to work for Smith & Sons in London. In 1864 he commenced his first ornithological work, the Monograph of the Kingfishers (1868-71). In 1867 Sharpe was given the post of librarian of the Zoological Society, on the recommendation of Osbert Salvin and Philip Sclater. On the death of George Robert Gray in 1872 he joined the British Museum as a Senior Assistant in the Department of Zoology, taking charge of the bird collection. He became Assistant Keeper in 1895, remaining there until his death from pneumonia. Sharpe founded the British Ornithologists’ Club in 1892 and edited its bulletin. He wrote thirteen and a half of the 27 volumes of the Catalogue of the Birds in the British Museum (1874-1898).




A Handbook of the Birds of Great Britain



Plate No.:

CXIb (111b)


Forked-Tailed Petrel

Print Method:

Lithograph on heavy paper


Overall Excellent

Size of Print:

155 x 105 mm. approximately (6.125 x 4.25 in.)

Size of Leaf:

180 x 120 mm. approximately (7 x 4 .50 in. )


Ripley and Scribner: Ornithological Books in the Yale Library pg. 262; Zimmer: Catalogue of the Edward E. Ayer Ornithological Library (Vol 1& 2) pg 583-584; Neissen 863, ph 166; Anker (166) pg.195

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