Sidney E. Morse City of New York 1843

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Sidney E. Morse

Short Title:

City of New York

Full Title:

"City of New York 1843. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1842 by Sidney E. Morse and Samuel Breese in the Clerks Office of the Southern District of New York."


"Morse’s North American Atlas... New York: Published by Harper & Brothers, 82 Cliff Street." This is the first atlas using the cerographic technique, which revolutionized the map making industry. It was issued in three parts beginning in 1842-1845. We have not been able to locate another dated 1843 in any of the collections, LC included.

Size of Map:

38cm x 29.8cm approximately (15 x 11.75 in )


Cerographic map, a technique invented by the publisher of this work, Sidney Edwards Morse (1794-1871). The maps in this atlas were first printed in a series as inserts for the "New York Post," and later, as a separate atlas. Includes northern most tip of Brooklyn and Manhattan north to 32nd Street and Madison Square. Developed areas are shaded, streets named, major sites/buildings identified by letters within each numbered ward. All piers and wharfs drawn and ferry routes provided. Simple cartouche given in bottom right corner containing a ½ mile scale. New York State map on Verso. Slight toning outside on margins.


TTooley’s A-D, 186 and K-P, 284; David Woodward, 14; Ruderman, 17556 (1842); David Rumsey Map Collection, 2301 (1845); Phillips, 1228, No. 11 (1842).