Straits of Magellan and Tierra Del Fuego Jacques Nicolas Bellin 1753

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L’Abbe Antoine Francois Prevost

Short Title:

Straits of Magellan and Tierra Del Fuego

Full Title:

“Carte Du Detroit De La Maire, Dresse sur les Journaux des Navigateurs. Par le Sr. Bellin Ingenieur de la marine et du Depst des Plans, de l’Academie de marine et de Societe’ Rotale de Londres 1753. Tome XI in 4. N. 5. Tome 16 in 8. Page 154.“


L’Abbe Antoine Francois Prevost’s “Histoire Generale Des Voyages ou Nouvelle Collection…1749.” (25 Volumes from 1746–1789), Paris. Maps by Jacques Nicolas Bellin, the elder (1703–1772), with additional information from the Royal Society of London.

Size of Map:

20 x 27.5cm approximately (8 X 11 in.)


Presents the Straits of Magellan and Tierra Del Fuego with names of bodies of water and geographic relief as well as depth soundings. Simple cartouche in lower centre, and French – English distance scale runs down the left side. Compass Rose upper centre with rays extending out. The Prime Meridian, as established in 1634, is “Isle de Fer,” the westernmost of the Canary Islands as well as the Paris Meridian. Good Condition with Fine plate marking.


Tooley’s Dictionary of Mapmakers Revised Edition Vol. (A – D), p.116 and Vol. (K – P), p.460. Phillips/LeGear 5991, 63.

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