United States John Russell 1795

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1795, London


John Russell

Short Title:

The Map of the United States of America

Full Title:

The Map of the United States of America with Part of the Adjoining Provinces


An American Atlas...and a plan of the city of Washington

Size of Map:

21 x 26.5 cm. approximately [8.25 x 10.375 in.]


A map of the United States according to the "Treaty of Peace" 1783. The Treaty of Paris was finally ratified in September 1783, and it was a great victory for the Americans. The treaty not only recognized the United States of America as an independent nation, but also established boundaries that extended far to the west of the 13 original colonies. The new country would be bounded by the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Mississippi River on the west, Florida on the south, and Canada and the Great Lakes on the north. Spain retained control of Florida, and the United States was permitted use of the Mississippi River/p>


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