White-Faced Robin John Gould 1875-1888

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Artist Biography

John Gould: Contributing Artist: W. Hart. This original hand-colored lithograph is from John Gould's Birds of New Guinea, published between 1875 and 1888. John Gould is considered to be one of the finest illustrators of birds of all time. Being his last published work, New Guinea illustrates the amount of perfection that Gould had acquired throughout his life in depicting birds both beautifully and accurately in their native environments. While working on New Guinea, it is rumored that Gould was speared by one of the natives. New Guinea's birds are extremely beautiful and are exciting to behold.

Gould is perhaps the greatest ornithological artist of all time. It is widely accepted that Gould sketched all 3,000 of his plates. Gould's wife, Lear, Wolf, Hart, and Richter did much of the remaining artistic work including transferring the sketches to stone, hand-printing, and hand-coloring. Elizabeth Gould and Lear are particularly well known for their masterful artistry in Gould's works.

His prints are masterful in design, composition, detail, accuracy, and color. Even during their original time of publication, Gould's plates were very expensive. He typically painted the birds with the spectacular foliage and amazing flowers where he found the birds where he took great care to accurately portray the colors and specimens.




Birds of New Guinea



Plate Number



Poecilodryas albifacies, Sharpe [White-Faced Robin]

Print Method

Hand colored Lithograph on heavy stock

Size of Print

53.5 x 35.5 cm approximately (21.5 x 14 in.)

Size of Leaf

53.5 x 35.5 cm approximately (21.5 x 14 in.)


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Overall Excellent

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